Fabri Fibra x BASEDODICI

Idealist, visionary and true. 

An artist who has transmitted his music over the years to millions of people, leaving his mark.

The editorial of the Rolling Stone special dedicated to Fabri Fibra is the portrait of a unique artist, a pioneer who changed the tastes and vision of a generation by transforming rap into culture.

All this is what Basedodici represents and distinguishes, now and in the past.

A brand that does not follow trends but wants to impress its own style of being in society and wants to represent a movement that is born from an ideology rather than a trend. 

This partnership represents a meeting point between the world of Music and that of Fashion, under a single dimension, that of uniqueness.

In this special issue, Fabri Fibra has decided to wear the Denim Jacket Cream WorkWear from the NoFriends collection, a garment capable of representing movement, movement.

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