This section contains all the BASEDODICI garments that have written the history of the brand on which a discount or promotion is active. The references within this section vary continuously over time, both in terms of discount percentage and availability. Don't waste your time or you may be left empty-handed.


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Taglia Prodotto

  • Hoodie "BADINFLUENCE" Dove Sand
    Regular price$109.00 Sale price$87.00
  • DLT 2.0 Y * L White T-Shirt
    Sold out
  • DLT 2.0 Y * L Black T-Shirt
    Sold out
  • DLT 2.0 HRM Black T-Shirt
    Sold out
  • Hoodie "BADINFLUENCE" Department Sand
    Regular price$98.00 Sale price$78.00
  • Hoodie "BADINFLUENCE" Department Green
    Regular price$98.00 Sale price$78.00
  • Work Denim “BADINFLUENCE” Black
    Regular price$104.00 Sale price$84.00
  • Cargo Pants “BADINFLUENCE” Black
    Regular price$120.00 Sale price$96.00
  • Hoodie DLT Di0r White
    Sold out
  • Cargo Expedition Front Pocket Black
    Regular price$109.00 Sale price$76.00
  • Fleece Pants “BADINFLUENCE” Sand
    Regular price$87.00 Sale price$70.00
  • Cargo Denim “BADINFLUENCE” Black
    Regular price$109.00 Sale price$87.00
  • DLT 2.0 HRM White T-Shirt
    Regular price$50.00 Sale price$40.00
  • Worldwide VOID Crewneck Blue
    Regular price$87.00 Sale price$61.00
  • Hoodie DLT Di0r White
    Regular price$93.00 Sale price$75.00
  • College Jacket “BADINFLUENCE” Black
    Regular price$273.00 Sale price$218.00