012 Factories

A virtual laboratory of experimentation for design and stylistic ideas, a test bed for new trends.

It offers the possibility to play with your own style, with the dogmas of fashion and pop icons without compromising on the quality guaranteed by a product conceived, designed and produced in Italy.

The Factory

A constantly updated creative metaverse that acts as a container for the new ideas proposed by the 012 team.

The 012 factory collective is a creative and productive hub founded by BASEDODICI through the decades-long know-how of the key figures of the brand in the clothing sector.

Italian manufacturing companies, designers and fashion creators supervised by the BASEDODICI team for the creation of a new face of Italian streetwear.

The Drop

TheLab will be developed through various drops each with its own theme and characteristic style.
The distribution of the drops will take place on a monthly basis on the website basedodici.com

The first capsule will be released on May 12th. inspired by the parallelism between popular characters and trendy sneakers, it relates the two most iconic elements of modern society in a tribute to the vision and style with which they have influenced the world.

The first drop "SNEAKERS AND ICON"

Coming Soon 05/12/2022

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