Revival SS19

Revival SS19

To celebrate the success of this last year, Basedodici has decided to take a leap into the past.

One of the most iconic collections that represented a turning point for the brand is back: the SS19 "Streetwear Academy".

In 2019 the collection found enormous success, elevating the brand and consolidating its position in the Olympus of Italian streetwear.

In addition to the creative concept, it is also distinguished by the materials and the study of the garments, making it one of the most popular collections ever.


  • Windbreaker “REVIVAL” White
    Regular price$100.00 Sale price$80.00
  • Hoodie "REVIVAL" White
    Regular price$88.00 Sale price$71.00
  • Crewneck “REVIVAL” White
    Regular price$77.00 Sale price$62.00
  • Crewneck “REVIVAL” Yellow
    Regular price$77.00 Sale price$62.00