Tuesday 23 "SS24 ACT.2" Early Access

Welcome to the second act of Basedodici's SS24 Grand Resort collection.

As we continue the journey that began with Act 1, the new chapter opens to reveal an even bolder fusion of innovation and unique style, advancing our vision of revolutionary fashion.

With act 2, the denim revolution continues with our exclusive bigall version, which redefines the concept of jeanswear with a touch of exclusivity. These unique pieces, with their sturdy structure and innovative “Big All” cut, are designed for those who want to stand out, offering comfort without compromising elegance. Denim rises to a style icon, testifying to Basedodici's craftsmanship.

Extending the color horizon, the Grand Resort Atto 2 collection introduces five new color variations to enrich your wardrobe. These new shades have been selected to offer anyone the freedom to personalize their look, creating combinations that reflect a distinctive and vibrant personality.



Each piece in the Grand Resort Atto 2 collection celebrates the continuity and evolution of Basedodici, underlining our commitment to creativity and personal expression. Fashion becomes a dialogue, a way to express who we are and how we choose to present ourselves to the world. Be inspired by our vision and reinvent your style with boldness.